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The Scheme of Testing and Inspection ( STI ) is a document which specifies the control over production process which the firm is required to exercise for operating the ..
The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the National Standards Body of India, resolves to be the leader in all matters concerning Standardization, Certification and Quality..
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The Department of Electronics and IT ( DeitY) has issued the Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012, bringing into force a scheme for mandatory regime of registration of identified 15 electronic products so that these products meet specified safety standards. They include video games, laptop/notebook/tablet, Plasma/LCD/LED televisions, Microwave Ovens, Printers and Scanners, Telephone Answering Machines, Electronic Musical Systems etc.

As against licensing, the scheme provides for self-registration of specified electronic goods. The scheme provides that no person shall by himself or through any person on his behalf manufacture or store for sale, import, sell or distribute specified electronic goods which do not conform to the specified standard and do not bear the words “Self declaration – Conforming to IS (Relevant Indian.
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No more deadline extension for imported electronic items
1/4/2014 12:12:39 PM from THE HINDU

The Government has decided not to extend the deadline of safety certification of the imported electronic product

Electronic goods importers seek further extension of deadline
1/4/2014 12:09:03 PM from THE HINDU

Importers of electronic products have sought an extension of the January 3 deadline to comply with the Governmen

IT hardware units again want moretime to register products with BIS
1/3/2014 10:42:34 AM from THE HINDU

The electronic products industry has, for the third time, sought an extension of the certification deadline by which IT hardware makers would have to regis

BIS certification rule irks US Inc
10/23/2013 2:15:59 PM from The Times of India
The ham-handed manner in which the electronics & IT department and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) have dealt with their initiative to have impo
BIS certification date extended by govt
10/1/2013 11:26:31 AM from Business Standard
Ahead of the rise in demand in the coming festive season, the government has said manufacturers can continue selling various electronic products whose registration and labelling by the Bureau of India
Bureau of Indian Standards certification deadline extended to January
9/30/2013 5:31:33 PM from The Times of India
The government has extended the deadline for Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification on imported electronics products till January next year, said
BIS certification for 15 IT and electronics product categories: There will be no extension of deadline, only an exemption of fee
7/8/2013 5:28:59 PM from electronicsb2b.com
Companies that have submitted their products to BIS-recognised labs before July 3, 2013, but for which test reports are not yet available, will be exempted till Octob
BIS norms for switchgear imports relaxed
7/3/2013 3:24:14 PM from The Economic Times

The Director General of Foreign Trade has suspended the mandatory BIS registration for consumer and industrial switching equipment import for a period of t

Acer wants government to extend BIS certification deadline
7/2/2013 5:57:54 PM from rediff News

Electronic product manufacturers are unhappy with the government's deadline of July 3 to get IS (Indian Standard) certification from the Bureau of Indian S

BIS processing fees for Registration
7/1/2013 2:43:57 PM from bis.org.in

All applicants / registered users may kindly note that Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has decided the following processing fee for grant and renewal of registration f

BIS no more wants India to be the dumping yard
7/1/2013 9:49:31 AM from varindia.com

The Government of India is planning to take a control over the dumping of IT products in the Indian industry, as day by day India is becoming the dumping yard for elect

Electronics industry faces BIS certification challenge
7/1/2013 9:37:03 AM from Rediff News
The country's electronics industry is on the edge with the sale of products such as laptops facing a possible blackout from next month onwards.

According to a missive by the departmen
Industry welcomes extended deadline for BIS certification order
6/29/2013 6:06:55 PM from Rediff News

Manufacturers' Association for Information Technology (MAIT) has hailed the government's decision to extend the deadline of 'Requirement for Compulsory Reg

BIS mark now mandatory for Indian IT products
6/29/2013 6:04:39 PM from rediff News

Bringing in a major law for the IT sector, the Indian government will ban all IT products, from July 3 2013, which do not carry Bureau of Indian Standards

BIS certification must for electronic, IT goods from July
6/28/2013 10:08:42 AM from Times of India
By July, fifteen categories of electronic and IT products would be barred from selling in the Indian market if they fail to meet th
IT products like laptops, tablets without BIS mark face India ban
6/28/2013 9:53:38 AM from Times of India
Almost every category of electronic products sold in India after July 3 will require a IS (Indian Standard) certification from the Bu
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