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AS per the “Electronics & Information Technology Goods (Requirement of compulsory Registration) Order-2012, In order to get the BIS registration for the product, It is mandatory that the device is tested as per the relevant Indian Standards (IS) and the testing should be carried out by BIS recognized Testing Laboratory.

All the 15 categories of products covered in the order falls under the below mentioned Indian Standards

IS 13252:2010
IS 616:2010
IS 302-2-25:1994
IS 302-2-26:1994
Some Testing Devices:-
Laptop/ Notebook/ TabletScanner
Visual Display UnitsWireless Keyboard
Amplifiers with input power 2000W and aboveTelephone Answering Machine
Printer/ PlotterSet Top Box
Electronic Musical Systems with input power 200W and aboveMicrowave Ovens
Electronic Games (Video)Plasma LCD/LED (screen size 32" & above)
Electronic Clocks with Mains Powers
Automatic Data Processing Machine
Data Processing Equipment
Data Storage Equipment
Data Preparation Equipment
Personal Computer
Electronic Data Projectors
Optical Dics Players
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